February 20, 2019

#28 AARP: Disrupting Our Lives and Legacies

Boe Workman argues that many of us 50+ are living a revolution… determined to leave our mark on the world. “We want to disrupt the traditional aging process so we can spark new solutions that will allow us to live the best life we can.”

Yes, we want to be more independent, with more intimacy and fun, And yes, more legacy building. We want to lead a richer, more self-sufficient life as we age. But (and it’s a big ‘but’), are we constrained by a cultural view that aging means deterioration and dependence?

Boe is the Director of CEO Communication at AARP and has co-authored several books that shake up some outdated beliefs about aging. He recently co-authored a book with Jo Anne Jenkins, AARP’s CEO, called Disrupt Aging, well worth the read.

Will the opportunities of aging outweigh the negatives? Give a listen to find out.

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