February 26, 2019

#29 Ken Dychtwald’s landmark study on legacy and aging

What is the lasting gift of Legacy? And – who’s giving that gift? Or not bothering at all?

My guest in the Legacy Café is Ken Dychtwald, CEO of Age Wave and internationally recognized author and gerontologist. He recently released a landmark study on legacy and aging as a research project with Bank 0f America/Merrill Lynch.

In the study titled, “Leaving a legacy. A lasting gift to loved ones”, Ken discovered that 82% of us will likely be remembered with the phrase: “Well, you left a heckuva mess.” Not good!

Turns out 94% of the 3000 people surveyed said they would like their legacy to be “a life well lived with family and friends that love me,” while only 4% said their legacy is the wealth they accumulated. Hmmm…

Join my conversation with Ken for a fascinating review of his eye-opening study and what various generations are thinking of ‘legacy’, how each is acting to live it….and give it.

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