Genealogy: Finding Truths and Family Weirdos

A conversation with Billie Fogarty
President, Association of Professional Genealogists

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Billie Fogarty

Do you know where your great grandparents came from? Or what they did to live? Or where their kids went and what they did?

You might consider becoming a junior genealogist like me.

Genealogy? The dictionary says it’s “a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor”.

I knew my great grandparents came from Ireland… but that’s all I knew. Working with a genealogist for 15 minutes I learned they landed in Halifax in 1869, the name of their ship, and the names of the seven kids they brought with them. And as we followed that ‘line of descent’, I learned the names of the next five kids they had, including my grandfather.

Join me and Billie Fogarty, President of the Association of Professional Genealogists as we learn about family trees, branches, leaves… and the stories they tell. And if you start your line of descent, have the Kleenex ready!





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