Creating your legacies of the future

"Cathedral Thinking" begins that very big idea.

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Rick Antonson

Imagine that, centuries ago, you were laying a stone for a building that will take 50, 100, 150 years to complete. You won’t be alive when it’s finished. And those who will lay the final stones aren’t even born yet.

But you know everything you do now will have a long-term impact.  You enjoy laying each stone… knowing generations in the future will thank you for starting with that first brick. Your generation works today, but is tethered to the future.

“Cathedral Thinking” is ambitious, long term thinking. Cathedral Thinking will take that first step towards a brilliant idea that the future will say ‘thank you’ for. Your legacy is that idea, that ‘Cathedral’ you started.

It’s easy to think short term. But Rick Antonson, author, travel industry executive, and apostle of Cathedral Thinking, will help you lay that first stone of your long-term legacy.





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