Check the charity so your check creates a legacy

A conversation with Michael Thatcher, President & CEO, Charity Navigator

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Michael Thatcher

So, you’d like to write a check to a charity? But which one? And can you count on them using that money properly? Enter Charity Navigator.

Whether your check is for $100 or $1 million, you’ll want to know if the charity you work with is financially healthy; that they’ve shown they’re accountable for the funds they use… and that their reporting is very transparent. No wondering. No guesswork. It’s all there.

Then there’s the old ‘percentage of overhead’ ruse. Is a charity with a lower percentage automatically more effective, or ‘better’ than one with a higher percentage of overhead?

And if you’ve got an idea to create a legacy, whether it’s funding a project the charity envisions, or your own idea that you’d love to finance with your donation, how might the charity look at your offer?

Welcome to the wisdom of Charity Navigator – Your Guide to Intelligent Giving. And legacy creation.





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