Does your family tree need leaves?
Or do your roots need nourishing?

A conversation with Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, Founder of Circlemending

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Jean Wilcox Hibben

In the film National Treasure 2, Nicolas Cage’s character said, “Everything I am is because of my ancestors.” Now, was he looking at his family tree… or listening to some family stories?

When you say ‘family tree’, that’s Genealogy, tracing the history of your family. These are the hard, cold facts: names, birth and death dates, places, and events like marriage and divorces.

And then we ask: does Genealogy help us find those memorable family history stories? Legacy stories that delight us and our descendants years from now?

When we find interesting family history and collect those stories, do they lead us back to fill in a few more leaves on the family tree?

Back and forth – from the science of Genealogy to the joy of family history stories. Then those stories send us back to Genealogy, and the circle continues. So, where should you start: Genealogy… or family history?

Join Robb and Jean Wilcox Hibben, a 40 year Genealogist working at, and President of the Southern California chapter of The Association. of Professional Genealogists, in a fascinating conversation about how to thread together your family history with your family legacy.





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