Go From Bickering to Bonding at The Holiday Table

A special edition with Podcast host, Robb Lucy

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Robb Lucy

Tom Cormier

Have you experienced this: family and friends gather for a holiday meal. But before long some insist on turning the holiday table into their own political soapbox. There’s more arguing than listening.

Robb knows there is a way to turn this year’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah dinners into priceless opportunities for laughter, listening and learning new things about friends and family members.

In this episode share his unique concept to really get to know the stories of the people with whom you share a table—no matter how young or old they are—by simply asking them the right questions.

You’ll learn stories from family members and friends you’ve never heard, and these stories will raise the awareness that we all need to collect our family’s legacy stories to be passed down to our descendants.

Ready to experience a wonderful dinner?

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The Holiday Gift That Lasts

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