This rule, if obeyed, will change the world.

A Conversation with Paul McKenna, Golden Rule Scholar.

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Paul McKenna

Robb looked for a teaching in all religions that spoke to the power of Legacy; a rule that would connect us as individuals, nations, cultures, races, sexes, economies and religions.

He found it. The Golden Rule, known also as the Ethic of Reciprocity, is arguably the most consistent, prevalent and universal ethical principle in history.

The Golden Rule is in every religion, as you will hear. And a special gift is yours just for listening. This Rule has the capacity to be the ethical cornerstone as the human family works together to build a peaceful, just and sustainable global society.

A Hindu proverb says:  “There are realms of gold hidden deep in the human heart.”

Your legacies will be the gold created by the Golden Rule.

This Golden Rule poster features the Golden Rule in 13 religions, created by the Golden Rule Scholar, Paul McKenna. It travels around the world and everywhere it goes it performs its magical task of healing, unity and reconciliation. Details to receive your own free poster are at the end of this conversation with Paul.





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