Attention Grandparents! Share the wisdom of the ages.

A Conversation with John Boden, Founder, Grandpa the Philosopher

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John Boden

Starting his career in the early 1900’s, my grandpa was a cowboy, a champion curler, and a beer salesman. But I never learned any of his stories, or wisdom.

I spent some time with him in the 60’s, but I was too young to ask: “Grandpa, what do you believe in? What advice would you give me?”

75 yr. old grandpa, John Boden, won’t let the opportunity to talk to his grandchildren escape. He’s ensuring they hear his wisdom, ideas, opinions and stories. He wants to stir their young minds so they become a little wiser, a better person… and maybe grow up to lead happy and successful lives.

John’s website is a weekly ‘must-watch, must-read’ by thousands of kids.

Are you a grandparent? Isn’t it time to ensure your wisdom and stories reach your grandchildren… and great grandchildren, and…





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