Financially Blessed? Then Live and Leave a Transformational Legacy

A conversation with Jeff Rogers, Founder, Stewardship Legacy Coaching

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Jeff Rogers

As a listener to The Legacy Café you know that a ‘Legacy’ is so much more than money and ‘stuff’ handed down to the kids.

But – many are blessed with more resources than they need to lead a happy life. With that comes questions:

  • Are children and grandchildren prepared for the responsibility?
  • Have family dynamics prevented you from having the tough conversations?
  • Will your business thrive under the next generation of leadership?

Mostly, do you have an intentional, proactive plan to create a thriving, inspiring Legacy?

Join Jeff Rogers as Robb asks him about Stewardship Legacy Coaching for high net worth families, and the challenge of clarifying values, virtues, guiding principles, and a giving culture you want to maintain.

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