The life lessons and experiences of today’s adults collectively represent the greatest body of wisdom in history.

Many of us bore witness to wars, the invention of the television, the internet, the elimination of plagues and disease. We experienced social upheavals, assassinations, man stepping foot on the moon, horrible tragedies and impossible victories. We had a front row seat to the tumultuous 20th century. To allow these priceless stories to go extinct would be irresponsible and tragic.

To answer the call, The Living Legacy Project was launched in 2008 to give every living person a chance to celebrate their legacy stories today and pass them down to future generations.

Thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors, Partners and Supporters, we have built an award-winning free story capture website and mobile app.

The Legacy Café Podcast was created to inspire you to create and enjoy your legacies today, and enrich the lives of future generations. Thank you for contributing your stories to the website.





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