I could be a philanthropist? Yup.
But first, what’s your story?

A Conversation with John A. Warnick, Founder of PPI

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John A. Warnick

A few questions about ‘philanthropy’

  1. Is it about giving away all the cash when I die? NO
  2. Can I be a philanthropist without a seven-figure estate? YES
  3. Are the money guys changing to care about what I want? YUP, SOME ARE.

John A. Warnick is the founder of the Purposeful Planning Institute. He says they’re creating a revolution in the way they work with you, your money… and your ‘story’.

The money guys are catching up. They’re learning they need to understand your story so they can organize your philanthropy, so you can build the legacies that are meaningful to you. A scholarship… swings in the park… an international charity…..a special keepsake for the library.

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