How to find, live and love a Life of Purpose

A Conversation with Ken Keis, acclaimed author and motivational speaker

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Ken Keis

Ken Keis asked me: ‘If you were to live your life over, what would you do differently?’ It’s a question all of us should ponder. Play the piano? More time with family? Take more risks? Give more?

Ken is an expert on ‘Purpose’. Specifically, living a life of Purpose. From childhood on – others trounced on our goals and dreams. They told us we couldn’t achieve them… and they wore us down. We believed them. The challenge now is to find, and really enjoy, the purpose of our life.

What’s a purposeful life feel like? Keis says ‘everything is working’. Family, work, spiritual, physical, friends… it’s all working. He says all of us can have it. And yes, creating and enjoying your legacies is a big part of it.

Ken Keis’ book – ‘The Quest For Purpose’– is a road map to assist you in living a life full of meaning, significance…. and Purpose. I know you’ll enjoy this conversation.





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