What Are Legacy Stories... and Why Collect Them?

Our 'story panel' tells how to gather and enjoy your Legacy stories.

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Paula Stahel

Gloria Nussbaum

Mike O'Krent

Have you ever wished you gathered the story of someone whose tale you know would inform and entertain… but whose story is now gone?

Join Robb Lucy in a vibrant conversation with his panel of story-finders and story-tellers as they discuss the craft of gathering and preserving those memorable yarns.

Paula Stahel started Breath & Shadows Productions in the 1990s to help preserve life stories, after creating a massive memory book for her parents’ 50th anniversary. The impact was astounding. Since then, she’s helped scores of people discover the joy of capturing their life stories—for themselves, for their families, and for posterity.

Gloria Nussbaum has always had a passion for sound and the spoken word. While working in radio broadcasting she realized that what she’d been all along was a Personal Historian! That same year, “Real to Reel, recording personal stories” was born.  Over the past 12+ years Gloria recorded stories with nearly 200 individuals throughout the U.S.

Mike O’Krent interviewed Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. It was through that experience he discovered the value of recording the life stories of loved ones. He founded LifeStories Alive in 2006, and has filmed legacy videos for hundreds of families and non-profit organizations.

All three agree: story telling is a ‘blast’ for both teller and receiver. It’s cathartic. affirming… and a gift beyond price!

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