July 19, 2018

Your Family’s Legacy? Only 1% Will Be Memorable

A Conversation with Steve Marken

President of the Stewardship Council

So, you’ve got some resources you’d like to distribute through your estate plan? You call them your ‘Legacies’. But when you define them, do they give you fulfillment and joy Now? Do you smile as you think how they’ll affect the future?

According the Steve, 99% of family estates don’t incorporate any part of the family’s story, values, goals and characters that give the legacies you want to create the richness they deserve. Most financial and legal advisors don’t know how important this is.

How do you peel that onion and make it a rich experience discovering what those legacies can be?

My conversation with Steve will talk about the two-edged sword of money, about family stories, and about philanthropy that reflects your values.

And then Steve will give you all the questions to ask yourself and your family on this journey to discover your legacies.

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